waterproofing & coatings

coatings that last!

At Diamond Building Maintenance we work to ensure your building is as waterproof as possible. We use the best materials available to make sure your building is watertight and free of leaks.

We use coatings to waterproof your deck, parkade, driveway, or any other concrete and some wood surfaces.  Using coatings we can create a high traffic surface for vehicles or pedestrian traffic. We can also work to repair older urethane coatings that might have had issues from being installed incorrectly or just lost their look and purpose over time. 


why waterproof?

There are many very important reasons to make sure your building is waterproof. Keeping your building waterproof is extremely important to the integrity of your home or business and keeping the water out will reduce the internal humidity. Reducing the humidity will help protect objects inside your home or business from damage as a result of humidity and water vapour.

We source the best vapour barrier products from Henry, Siga, Soprema, and Dupont to make sure the membranes that go into your projects are the best available and more importantly the best product for your specific project.

Waterproofing roof repairs

Products that win

We use only the best products for your building coatings. Your parkade, deck, or even driveway deserve the best products that last from the top manufacturers.