Leak Investigation

Keeping your home or business dry and free of leaks is our priority

Concrete waterproof repairs

find the weakest leak

Diamond Building Maintenance wants to ensure your home or business is safe from leaks. With years of experience working with and investigating leaks we will be able to identify issues with pipes or mains coming into the home or building.

 We also look for leaks that can be caused from dampness in others areas on your home or business such as in roofs amoung other areas. 

We work hard to find your leak no matter what kind of building

We use many tools including thermal technologoy to track dampness from leaks so we can assess and repair them using non-destructive techniques. Leaks and water damage can very expensive if left untreated. We will perform leak

investigation, remediation and repairs on a variety of old and new buildings such as :

Multifamily properties , including condominuims, apartments and townhomes. 

Commercial and retail spaces

High-rise buildings 

Single family Homes

Parking garages

and many more.