Crystalize waterproof polish Your Concrete

Crystalize your concrete

Weather you need your concrete sealed or more intensive repairs are required, we use the best in crystalline waterproofing solutions. Crystalline solutions will help create complete watertight concrete structures that are self-sealing and able to withstand hydrostatic pressure. Crystalline waterproofing products can be used as a surface applied solution or in a repair grout that can stop the flow of water permanently.  

Stop concrete leaks with injection

When we use urethane injection waterproofing we will look at the best solution for the job. We use two types of injection hydrophobic and hydrophilic. Hydrophobic grouts work by repelling water through expansion. Hydrophilic injection react and expand when they come into contact with moisture. Both of these methods are very ideal for use on wet substrates and plug a leak within seconds. These products can be used on a variety projects but we mainly see this method used in basements, dams, parking garages and most below grade applications.  

injection waterproofing materials
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Solidify your parkade

If your project calls for a coating that can handle heavy traffic be it vehicles or pedestrian we have a solution for you. At Diamond building maintenance we work with one of the best coatings in the industry. The two layer urethane coating system we use is made for performance under heavy load and can applied to a variety of surfaces whether it’s a mall parkade or a warehouse floor, the coatings we use will exceed your expectations.