Termco – Dymonic FC Sealant

High-Performance, Fast-Curing, Single-Component, Hybrid Sealant Dymonic® FC is a high-performance, fast-curing, single-component, lowmodulus, hybrid sealant, formulated with proprietary silane end-capped polymer technology. Basic Uses Dymonic FC is a durable, flexible, sealant that offers excellent performance in moving joints and exhibits tenacious adhesion once fully cured. Typical applications for Dymonic FC include expansion and control joints, […]

SOPRAJOINT PLUS – Best Solution For Expansion Joints

SOPRAJOINT PLUS Waterproofing monolithic expansion joint specifically designed to ensure complete waterproofing at expansion joints of buildings and civil engineering works while adapting to simultaneous movements in the three axis (horizontal, vertical and shear). Benefits Superior resistance to shear movements Several installation methods for a single product Exceptional tear and elongation strengths EXPANSION JOINTS 101: […]